Sky Kingdoms




Build and govern a marvelous flying castle


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Sky Kingdoms is a strategy game that puts you at the helm of an enormous floating castle. You have to build and improve all kinds of structures in order to make it prosper, and of course, sooner or later you'll face off against the leaders of other floating castles.

From the castle screen you can build and improve all kinds of buildings that you'll need to grow your empire. You need a barracks to recruit troops, a forge to build weapons and armor, different types of mines to get resources, and much more. Each building has its own function. And all of them are necessary in order to lead your kingdom to prosperity.

Moving to the global map, you can see your floating castle from a distance, along with many other castles. From here you can launch all kinds of attacks, both against other players and neutral structures controlled by AI opponents. But be careful, because if you send a hero out on a long mission they won't be available until the mission is over.

The heroes are one of the most important components of Sky Kingdoms. In all you can recruit a dozen unique heroes, level them up, and improve them with new weapons, amulets, and armor. These special characters are the ones who manage your troops on the battlefield.

Sky Kingdoms is a brilliant strategy game with a fun and accessible gameplay, a huge variety of characters and missions, and best of all, some truly spectacular graphics.

Requires Android 4.0 or higher